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telescopic outer cover

Hive Top Cover - Oversized

SKU: SP-9203

This heavy duty Made in Canada hive top comes assembled and is ready to protect your bees winter and summer! The oversized cover allows for you to easily place on your colonies with no hassle. With the extra space water is better wicked away from the hive.

It will fit on the standard Langstroth 10 frame bee hive and is made with 7/8″ thick Canadian pine lumber and a galvanized top.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Very happy with NBee Gold's online catalogue selection of products and quality of goods I received. I believe this company provides a valuable service to beekeepers in the region and I am happy to support NBee Gold as one of their customers. We had a bit of trouble with the shipping, so for the timeliness, accuracy and pleasure of visiting the store, I will be placing and picking up my next order in person!

Kat L.

We purchased a Grow-with-me kit as a first beehive, and later decided to add a second hive, which I bought parts separately for as I didn't think I'd need to go as big as the first. In both cases, I'm amazed at the quality of the supers (and the hive top as well), the craftsmanship (I ordered them already assembled), and how solid yet still relatively lightweight everything is (given the frames are currently empty, but still). I definitely recommend buying from NBee Gold, you won't be disappointed!

Phillip Worrall

Good quality and well made/bend galvanized sheet metal.
It will last


Excellent quality and so easy to order. Love the free pick up option and the ability to support local while getting the supplies I need!