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double filtered beeswax

Filtered Beeswax

SKU: SP-9109

Our pure, natural and 100% Canadian beeswax has many uses! From candles to cosmetics and wood conditioners to counter top polish, this versatile wax is an all natural environmentally friendly way to produce many products and arts and crafts.

Wax is double filtered and rendered to remove most of the naturally occurring debris and is sold in 1 lb blocks. You may still notice some small flecks of darker material in the wax but this can easily be filtered out when you melt your wax down for your project.

Price Breakdown

1-9 lbs $14.95 per pound 

10 lbs  + $12.00 per pound

30 lbs + $11.95 per pound



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kelly McCluskey

Excellent product and quick shipping. Would highly recommend.

Micheline Gaudet

The bee's wax was a bit dirty with black particles but I knew it was not an order of 3rd filtering. I am having a great time making candles. I could do this every day. It is a challenge to get them perfect with the first poor; this is my first time working with bee's wax .I am making them to give as Christmas gifts. The smell is just so wonderful. I am not using essential oils as I love the smell of the wax . Thanks Matt . Micheline

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback! We appreciate your support.

Happy Beekeeping,

Smells so good!

I brought two which i didn't notice how much one brick was until it arrived hahah! It smells like sweet honey and i used it to make lipbalm and it works fantasticly!

Thank You! We're so glad you enjoy our clean beeswax. It is definitely a great product to work with!