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Intro To Beekeeping: In Beeyard Experience (June 15, 2024 @ 1:00pm)


This is the perfect introductory class for anyone thinking about getting into beekeeping or brand new beekeepers. 

The hands on class will take place in the prestigious bee yard of Fletcher and Mary Colpitts in Petitcodiac. (We will provide you with the exact address upon registration).

Fletcher is a 3rd generation beekeeper with 40+ years experience. Every participant will get to open and go through a beehive in the yard under the guidance of some of the most experienced beekeepers in New Brunswick!

This beginner beeyard class will cover:

🐝How to light and keep a bee smoker going
🐝How to properly open a beehive
🐝How to safely manipulate frames in a beehive
🐝How to tell what you are looking at in a hive, eggs/larva/capped brood/honey
🐝What you should be looking for in a colony

Register today for one of the best ways to learn about beekeeping with hands on experience and guidance from experienced beekeepers.
Bring your own veil/jacket. Hive tools and smokers will be provided on site.

Workshop Details:

When: Saturday June 15, 2024 @ 1:00pm

Where: Fletcher & Mary Colpitts Beeyard - Petitcodiac