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Hive Alive Nutritional Feeding Supplement

Hive Alive

SKU: SP-9154

Benefits of HiveAlive

  • Proven to make your colonies 89% stronger and more productive [Scientific trials]
  • Promotes intestinal well-being
  • Proven long term protection
  • Quickest and easiest to use [Instructions for use]
  • Excellent value for money
  • Prevents syrup from fermenting
  • Natural, active ingredients [HiveAlive ingredients]

HiveAlive™ is the only nutritional supplement for bees on the market that is 100% compliant with EU animal feed regulations and is FDA compliant.

All HiveAlive product claims are EU validated and approved, and we are therefore in a unique position to guarantee superior quality product, full traceability and the highest standards of manufacturing to beekeepers. All ingredients are validated as safe for animal feed and are continuously monitored to ensure peace of mind for the beekeeper.

HiveAlive's combination of ingredients is the result of 6 years of internationally validated research by Advance Science on bio-active, natural ingredients specifically designed for the needs of the beekeeping industry. These ingredients target the specific requirements of the colony with a particular emphasis on gut health.

Colonies will increase in strength and vigour, having consumed syrup activated with HiveAlive™ and as a result will be better able to cope with diseases and other stressors.