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4 Frame Nuc Colony - Estimated Pick Up Date: June 11, 2023

2024 4 Frame Nuc Colony Pre Order

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A great beekeeping season starts with great honeybees! 

If you’re going to get started in beekeeping you need to start with great, locally adapted bees that were born and raised in our New Brunswick climate. You won’t find imported bees here. 

Each 4 frame nuc comes with a locally mated laying queen, two frames of brood, one frame of food, and one frame of drawn comb to keep the girls busy while they await their permanent home.

Our nucs are supplied by excellent local and reputable New Brunswick Beekeepers.

Our 4 Frame Nuc colonies are $265 per colony for the 2024 season.

Colonies will be ready to pick up in the month of June 2024 depending on Spring weather conditions.

The nucs will be housed in carboard nuc boxes with screened off entrances and extra ventilation on the top lids for transportation. They are secure for transport and can be driven in your vehicle to where you will be setting them up.

*Bees are guaranteed healthy, there is no implied or expressed warranty on any nucs once they leave the yard.

Pre-order your bees now for next season. Don’t wait, Nuc colonies sell out quick and you don’t want to find yourself without bees come Spring.