Why Was My Order Cancelled and Not Fully Refunded?

If you elected to have your order shipped you will have been emailed a shipping quote invoice within 24-48 hours of the order being placed online. If you did not pay the shipping invoice within 3 days of receiving it and did not make arrangements with us to pay, your order is automatically cancelled and the items are restocked. You did not receive the full amount back because we retain a 10% restocking fee on the refund of cancelled orders due to shipping invoices not being paid in order to cover payment processing fees that are not refunded to us for cancelling the order.

Why Do you Not Calculate Shipping at Checkout?

Beekeeping equipment is large and odd dimensions and sometimes needs to be shipped in multiple boxes. Auto calculated rates do not take all of these variables into consideration and can actually quote you more expensive shipping costs. So, in order to give our customers the best rates possible we calculate shipping on a per order basis with exact weights and dimensions. We use a professional logistics scheduling system that allows us to offer our customers the best shipping rates possible, often 70% off of standard shipping rates. So let us get you the best shipping rate out there for your order! If you would rather know your shipping costs before you place the order email us at nbeegold@gmail.com and we will get you a quote.

I am not satisfied with my order/equipment is defective. What are my options?

If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products or have any issues with defective goods email us right away at nbeegold@gmail.com and we will work to make it right. NBee Gold stands by our products and will ensure that you are taken care of so that you have a great experience with us.

If we can’t resolve the issue to your satisfaction we will refund your purchase price AND purchase the equivalent equipment for you from a competitor.

Why can you not sell or deliver your honey outside of NB?
At this time, NBee Gold does not have sufficient licensing in place with the CFIA in order to be able to sell our packaged honey across provincial borders. We are working with the CFIA to become properly licensed and will update our site as soon as we can begin selling and shipping honey to other parts of Canada.

Why do you carry other local honey products on your site?
NBee Gold believes in supporting local, small business. We gladly carry quality honey from other small producers within NB. Every honey has a unique colour/flavour depending on where in the province it comes from. We want to give access to as many people as possible to get to try fresh, raw, unpasteurized local honey that you simply can't get anywhere else.

Where is your store located?
Our retail store is located at:

60 Maple Avenue
Unit 2
Sussex, NB
E4E 2N5

I want to buy a starter kit but don't need some of the items that come with it, can I substitute other tools or accessories?
Absolutely! We can customize any kit for your specific needs. Just let us know what you'd like to swap out and we will take care of it for you. Items of equal value will not change the price, items of more expensive value may result in a price change for the kit.

Do you offer better prices on bulk buys?
Absolutely! Contact us at info@nbeegold.ca to let us know what your needs are and quantities and we will work to get you a cost effective rate.

I want to buy bees from you but you're sold out, what else can I do?
Our high quality nucs and queens sell very fast! If our pre-order list is full we can add you to our waitlist which will allow us to contact you if we are fortunate enough to be able to produce additional nucs or someone else cancels/retracts their order. Unfortunately the waitlist is not a guarantee that we will have bees to sell in the Spring. Contact us at info@nbeegold.ca to be added to our waitlist if you wish.

When our nuc list is full we also highly recommend Edi's Bee Farm to purchase nucs from. He produces excellent quality local bees and queens and has lots of experience keeping bees since he was 15.

What equipment do I need to start keeping bees?
Check out this blog post.

Do you get stung?
Oh yeah! Comes with the territory.