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Coffee Salt Soap | Exfoliating

The toasty, sweet coffee, Sumptuous, sinful, dark and rich, our coffee salt soap smells good enough to eat. Exfoliating and invigorating, this hefty bar of soap will get your attention. Made with organic fair trade coffee & Canadian pink mineral salts. Featuring: - Big 5.6+ oz bars (50% larger than the typical artisan soap bar). - Organic Oils & Butters - Plant Extracts for Color and fragrance - Sustainably Produced in a Solar Powered Facility Our extra large bar soap is expertly crafted using a thoughtful balance of organic oils and butters paired with botanical extracts, clays & essential oils. We cure our soap for a minimum of six weeks creating a long lasting, mild bar with a creamy lather. Size: ~5.6 oz | ~158 g Bar