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Ceracell Top Feeder 8.5L (Includes Wood Rim)

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SKU: SP-9106

This improved top feeder by Ceracell is made from 100% food grade plastic. In each corner there is access to the syrup via the caps, which are removable if you wish.

Includes with the wooden rim.

Customer Reviews

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Mike Bastarache
2nd only to my mason jar feeders

I really like these feeders compared to my pail feeders and miller top hive feeders. Pail feeders I did not like as they dripped too much (might be by my errors?) and got the bees too wed for my liking. Way too much bee losses with the miller feeders. With these Ceracell top feeders I have an issue with bees dying and clogging up both corner and center accesses, the only feeders that I have had zero issues with so far are my mason Jar feeders. you might want to start including a screened scoop with the purchase of these feeders to speed up the removal of dead bees before refill. from all of the feeders that I have purchased The Ceracell top feeders are the best so far.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on this feeder! I appreciate it.

Happy Beekeeping,