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Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

SKU: JB200

The JB-200 high-speed vapourizer with Oxalic acid is an easy and effecient way to treat your hive for Varroa mites. It works great for both the hobbyist and the commercial beekeeper. The JB-200 is designed to allow for multiple units to be used connected in-line to treat multiple colonies at the same time. Can also be used as an individual unit as well. 

Comes with a measuring spoon for the oxalic crystals and safety instructions on how to start- oxalic acid application.


You must use a respirator that is rated for organic acids! Make sure you buy one with replaceable filters. You are going to work in a heavy OA environment. The 3M full face model 6800 with #60923 filters is a good choice. Heavy, heat resistant gauntlet gloves are a must as well.