Learning how to be a beekeeper

In Depth Beekeeping Seminar

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Learn how to become a beekeeper! The craft of beekeeping has lots of techniques and things to know to ensure your bees stay healthy and happy!

This recorded session is a deep dive into the management and care of Honey Bee colonies.

Presenter: Matt Casey, NBee Gold --- Video Length: 1hr 5min

Topics covered include:

🐝Hive Management Practices

🐝How to Inspect a Colony

🐝What to Look For When Inspecting

🐝Swarm Signs and Control

🐝The Path to Self Sufficient Beekeeping

🐝Integrated Pest Management (IPM) & Varroa & Disease Monitoring

🐝Varroa Treatment Options

🐝Winter Hive Configuration Basics

*There is no shipping charges on these sessions. Once purchased, you will receive a link to the recorded session. 

Customer Reviews

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Great presentation

Information packed, Well organized and presented with the ability to watch it several times to learn the material. Matt Casey is a better public speaker than most, so it is easy to listen too.