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Elgin Wildflower Summer Honey
Elgin Wildflower Summer Honey
Elgin Wildflower Summer Honey - 3.17 kg Pail - Summer

Elgin Wildflower Summer Honey

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Fresh from the rolling hills and valleys of Elgin, NB, folks, this is as real as New Brunswick honey gets. One taste of this sweet honey from this  jar and you will be hooked for life (don't worry we've got ample supply! 😉)

When you open the jar, it smells like summer, has floral notes of wildflowers, clover and a subtle caramel taste. Subtle notes of blueberry and tartness are rounded out with a gentle sweetness that caresses your palate. Oh my, where has this honey been all your life?! Eats great right off the spoon, and goes amazing in coffee or tea.

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