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Grow With Me Deep Super Beekeeping Starter Kit

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Just design the boxes and add bees! This grow with me double deep hive kit will get you on your way and provides you the additional components you will need as your colony grows and starts to put honey away!

Everything is completely assembled so it takes the guess work out of assembling all of the hive components. All woodenware is locally made from either New Brunswick or Nova Scotia quality lumber. When painted properly our hive boxes will provide you and your bees years of service.

Our Kit Includes:

  • Standard Bottom Board
  • Standard Entrance Reducer 
  • 2 Standard Deep Supers Assembled
  • 20 Assembled Deep Frames with Permadent Foundation
  • Inner Cover
  • Aluminum Capped Outer Cover
  • 10" Standard Hive Tool
  • 10” Stainless Steel Smoker with Heat Guard
  • Bee Brush
  • Plastic Queen Catcher
  • Metal Queen Excluder
  • Assembled Medium Honey Super
  • 10 Assembled Medium Frames with Foundation

Who Should Buy This Kit?

This starter kit is great for a beekeeper who wants to keep bees in double deeps and have all of the basic tools needed for convenient beekeeping as well as the extras needed as the bees continue to grow and start to put away honey in the current season or following season.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
An Experience

Going to NBee Gold Beekeeping supplies is more than just going to a is an experience! The store is beautiful, laid out well and has tons of educational material. Matt is also a great resource, his passion for beekeeping shines. This is by far the best beekeeping store in NB. Nobody else compares to this place.

Thank You!


Christopher Munn
Great Quality / Great Price

This is a great starter set, all components are high quality. I would recommend this set for anyone getting into beekeeping.

Kelly Alcorn
So far so good

It’s hard to rate the purchase without the inclusion of bees. My one concern involves the date we are supposed to receive our nuc. All my reading suggests we should have bees by the time our fruit trees blossom. Based on our discussion when we picked up our bee-keeping materials, that is not the plan. It makes me wonder why the timing is what it is.

Hello Kelly,

I’m glad your happy with the beekeeping equipment.

The timing of when our nucs are available for pick up is based on multiple factors which includes the weather conditions and how quickly our queens get mated and begin laying brood. In a normal Spring we can begin making splits in May and the colonies are usually ready to go by June. Cold, wet Springs can delay this. We also like to observe our queens after they are mated and laying to ensure good worker brood patterns before releasing the nucs to our customers.

However, receiving your nucs by mid or end of fruit blooms would have no impact on the colonies growth as they still have plenty of time to build up before Fall.

Happy Beekeeping,