What the New Beekeeper Needs to Know!

What the New Beekeeper Needs to Know!

You’ve watched hours of beekeeping videos on YouTube, read many online articles and blogs and now you’ve decided you want to start beekeeping too.

Firstly, congrats on wanting to become a beekeeper. It certainly takes a special kind of person who is willing to work with thousands of stinging insects when most people would run!

Now that you’ve decided you want to become a beekeeper next season you’ve got some other choices to make and items to think about. Planning ahead and understanding what you need and the total costs involved are key to having a successful season.

NBee Gold has your back! We’ve got everything you need to get up and running and are also here to provide tailored local New Brunswick beekeeping advice. Contact us anytime info@nbeegold.ca or through Facebook. 

🐝Find a local bee mentor who can help you install your bees in the Spring and check in with your progress from time to time to see how things are going.

🐝Where do You want to get your bees from?

   🌸Find a local beekeeper who sells nucleus colonies

   🌸Get your name on their order list early, January is the time to order bees for the following Spring, nucs sell fast!

🐝Hive style

    🌸 8 frame or 10 Frame Langstroth

    🌸 Single or Double brood chamber

🐝Get all of your equipment ordered and built well before your bees arrive

    🌸Do you want to build your frames and boxes? Find and Buy all your equipment needs at https://nbeegold.ca/collections/10-frame-woodenware

          👉Bottom Board

          👉Deep Hive Box

          👉Entrance Reducer

          👉10 Frames (plastic or wooden)

          👉10 Foundations (plastic or wax)

          👉Inner cover

          👉Outer cover

          👉Queen excluder (to keep queen out of your honey supers)

          👉A couple of medium supers

          👉20 medium frames

          👉20 medium foundations

          👉Bee Smoker

          👉Bee suit and gloves

          👉Hive tool

      🌸If hammers and nails aren’t your thing, purchase ready to go prebuilt starter kits from NBee Gold https://nbeegold.ca/collections/starter-kits

Lastly, when you get your bees have FUN. Know that things won’t always go as planned, you will make mistakes, you will likely get stung at least once. But through it all, you have embarked on a timeless journey in a craft that goes back thousands of years in human history.



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