A New Brunswick Beekeepers Winter Checklist

A New Brunswick Beekeepers Winter Checklist
As the days get colder and shorter ❄️ now is the time to make sure you can check off all boxes on your Winter Checklist for your bees. 🐝

Ensuring that these tasks have been completed before the weather turns gives your bees the best chance for surviving a Maritime Winter! Having a methodical approach also reduces your stress as a beekeeper to ensure you don’t forget anything. 😩 😊

✔️ Single hives weigh at least 90lbs or Doubles 120 lbs.

✔️Syrup feeder pails have been removed from hives.

✔️Hive population is at least 6 seams of bees to form a good cluster. (Smaller hives should be overwintered in a smaller nuc box or combined with a stronger hive)

✔️Any Fall mite treatments are completed and removed from hives.

✔️All queen excluders or empty supers/unused spaces are removed from hives.

✔️Lower entrances are reduced to only have a 2-3 inch opening to better control drafts.

✔️Shrew/Mouse guards are installed on all lower entrances.

✔️All hives are configured with an upper entrance for moisture ventilation and to allow bees a second way out if the bottom entrance is obstructed.

✔️Supplemental sugar or fondant is placed in hives (if desired).

✔️Hives are properly wrapped and moisture absorbent pillows are placed above the inner covers.

✔️Lids are all weighted or tied down to prevent the wind from blowing them off the hives.

✔️Any loose debris or branches near the hives are removed from the yard to prevent them from potentially damaging or hitting any colonies.

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